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Track brand mentions, monitor competitors, and spot potential crises or trends with powerful social listening data
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response time to a crisis through real-time alerts for Co-op



Target increased demand for products through monitoring hashtag #sharetheforce



How do you make sense of thousands of brand mentions across Twitter every day?

  • The dynamic and overwhelming speed of social conversations create a constant state of ephemerality requiring brands to convert insights into action quicker than ever before.
  • It's critical that brands are able to shift through the noise to uncover real-time trends that inform actionable insights.
  • Similarly, brands need to be armed with real-time alerts that allow them to get in front of potential crises and reduce consumer friction.


Monitor conversational data on specific brands and products that matter to you

  • All signal, no noise: Gain powerful filtering and complete coverage of the Tweets you need, delivered in real-time.
  • Real-time activity data: Get all the Tweets, Direct Messages, and other relevant activities related to an account in real-time, tapping into the conversations as they happen.
  • Discover unexpected events and trends: Some of the most successful content on Twitter happens when you least plan for it. Uncover emerging trends, monitor conversations, and discover insights that give you a competitive edge.
  • Monitor the competitive landscape: Keep an eye on the competition with Twitter data by receiving every social mention about your competition in real-time. Or monitor other cues, enabling you to understand strengths and weaknesses from your customers’ perspectives.
  • Set-up alerts to respond to a crisis in real-time: Leverage Twitter Official Partners to be informed immediately when certain terms are mentioned alongside your brand on Twitter. This means high-priority social mentions aren’t left to be discovered in social inboxes behind other posts.

Twitter helps us keep our guests [customers] at the center of everything we do— which is essential to our mission.

Merete Wells, Director, Emerging Digital Media Strategy & Partnerships, Target


Identify trends quickly


Target’s social media command center uses Twitter data as the most accessible source of customer conversations, tracking trending topics and leveraging social listening. For Share the Force Day, Target partnered with the Star Wars franchise to create a series of exclusive products, in preparation for the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Using the hashtag #sharetheforce, Target was able to track and monitor which customers were inquiring about the event. They actively engaged with their audience in real time, before they entered the store, resulting in a huge demand for limited edition products once the doors opened.


Co-op, one of the UK’s largest food retailers, partnered with social listening expert and Twitter Official Partner, Brandwatch, to generate millions of campaign impressions, reach new customers, and respond quickly in a crisis. When the Co-op team received a custom Brandwatch Alert about a “food store danger”, they acted swiftly in less than an hour. By taking control of the conversation, Co-op was able to protect their brand.

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