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Create and test new offerings by getting early, unbiased feedback on brand messaging and product development

of consumers are at least somewhat influenced by what people say about brands on social media


increase in sales revenue after a new product roll-out, attributed to social listening by LateRooms


How do you launch new products that make your customers happy?

  • Rolling out new products, new branding or a new message is always a series of “wait and see” moments while you find out if your audience thinks your new idea is a great one. The gap between launching and knowing can be costly if you don’t know where to look or listen for customer feedback.
  • If brand sentiment is waning, it’s critical that you find out about it immediately in order to course-correct in a timely and cost-efficient way.

  • Your sales revenue increases when your customers are happy; finding out what makes them and keeps them that way is the challenge.


Close the gap between when you launch and when you find out customer sentiment by tapping into real-time feedback

  • Listen in on conversations happening about you. In the past, brands only had focus groups at their disposal when they needed early feedback on new products. Now, monitoring real-time conversations and trends around a specific topic on Twitter provides live feedback and allows you to analyze only the most relevant conversations to your brand.
  • Uncover the unexpected. How do you find something when you don’t know what you’re hoping to find? Twitter helps you discover new opportunities and make informed decisions in the moment, while our Search solutions give you access to Tweets that your real-time rules weren’t set up to capture. 

  • Develop baseline benchmarks. Unlock the power of historical Twitter data to analyze your content and your audience over the course of time and compare it to the present. Use these metrics to forecast likely future results, giving you the data you need to create benchmarks that make sense.

  • Measure and optimize content. Use Twitter data to obtain a bird’s-eye view of how your organic content is performing, enabling you to devise a more intelligent content strategy. Twitter data helps you improve the timing and placement of your content to ensure your audience sees what you want them to see.

Real-time access to the Twitter archive means faster research, smarter decisions, and ultimately better products.

Hayes Davis, CEO, Union Metrics


Make launches successful


While Viceland was a runaway success in the US when it first launched, there was some concern about how the programming might be received in their next market, the UK. With the help of Twitter Data Partner Brandwatch, they were able to listen in on social conversations of US Viceland viewers, and analyze the specific demographics who made up the high-volume traffic to the Vice website. By finding unique interest data on Twitter, Vice identified the shows that their viewers were most likely to talk about. Access to this data meant that Viceland could begin to identify likely viewers in their UK demographics and tailor marketing efforts and programming promotion to meet that audience’s interests.

LateRooms, a last-minute hotel booking service in the UK and Europe, deployed Twitter Official Partner Brandwatch to provide tools to monitor what travelers were saying across Twitter. By looking for keywords associated with travel and purchase intent, LateRooms was able to identify relevant conversations from people looking to book a holiday, then step in with advice and tips. This is how the LateRooms Concierge (@LRConcierge), a personalized travel recommendation service, was born. When travelers Tweet to their specialized Concierge looking for a property with an on-site gym or a room on the Left Bank for under €50 a night, they get an immediate response with suggestions. 30% of these inquiries have become sales, proving that social data can lead to a solid ROI.

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