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Learn about customer sentiment to better understand your audience and what they’re saying on Twitter

increase in positive customer sentiment for McDonald’s


Reversed customer sentiment from 73% negative to 92% positive


Extract meaningful insights from thousands of daily Tweets to uncover and fulfill customers’ needs and wants

  • Every consumer-centric brand knows that putting customers first is the number one priority. And one of the best ways to discover what customers want is to listen to the feedback they provide every day on social media. Social listening can be a valuable way to uncover your customers’ deepest desires through sentiment analysis, and then fulfill them. On the flip side, data can also reveal when you’re offering something your customers don’t want.
  • So how do brands sift through all the information to truly understand the “why” behind online conversations? And ultimately, how do they leverage that data to make smarter decisions and boost customer satisfaction?


Gain insights into consumer preferences and brand sentiment

  • Learn consumer preferences: With users across the globe sending out billions of Tweets every week, Twitter Official Partners aggregate and analyze that information to better understand consumer preferences, and how those opinions expressed through Tweets can offer insights related to future company performance.
  • Predict product success: As brands release new goods and services, Twitter users share their thoughts, opinions and reactions in real time. That data is then compiled and analyzed to predict how successful those offerings will be. 
  • Receive customer feedback: Twitter’s Customer Feedback Cards give brands the ability to measure performance by surveying their customers after an interaction with industry standard NPS or CSAT questions.

The [all-day breakfast] launch became a global trend organically. There was no paid media. We started [social listening] with the people and the people did the talking for us.

Paul Matson, US Director of Social Media, McDonald’s


Get closer to your customers through social listening


McDonald’s turned to social media management expert Sprinklr, a Twitter Official Partner, to find out how important all-day breakfast was to its customers. Combing through Twitter, they uncovered more than 334,000 Tweets from McDonald’s fans mentioning all-day breakfasts dating back to 2007. McDonald’s then sent personalized Tweets to nearly 12,000 fans who craved McMuffins at midnight, alerting them of their debut of all-day breakfast. The launch was a success: All-day breakfast is credited with helping to reverse a 14-quarter decline for the company, as well as a 10 percent improvement in positive customer sentiment. This can be attributed to superb social listening and sentiment analysis.


After Chick-fil-A launched a new Smokehouse BBQ flavor, the number of mentions of BBQ spiked dramatically, with 73% of them being negative, as fans took to social to express their displeasure. Customers created their own hashtag #BringBackTheBBQ in the hopes of restoring the beloved original recipe. Chick-fil-A embraced social listening and decided to do something it had never done: restore the original recipe. On the day of the relaunch, Chick-fil-A assembled a war room to monitor and engage directly with fans and measure customer sentiment. Sentiment flipped from 74% negative to 92% positive. One of the keys to its success: a willingness to listen to customers and admit mistakes.

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