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higher engagement rates driven by Lenovo


impressions earned on Co-op’s #ReverseAdvent campaign


Brands struggle to earn the attention of consumers and be memorable

  • With competing brands trying to drive brand awareness and user engagement through social channels, how can a brand break through the noise in a meaningful and differentiated way? 

  • And how can social data drive more successful marketing campaigns?


Drive the right campaigns with the right data insights

  • Target highly tailored audiences: Twitter data allows brands to identify the key players to engage in a conversation so you can effectively target your campaigns

  • Track social marketing campaigns: Leverage Twitter data to track and analyze the success of your marketing campaigns, so you can inform stakeholders and make better business decisions.

  • Ensure long-term campaign success: No one wants a one-and-done campaign. Twitter data allows brands to craft campaigns with long-term potential, by supplying the research, implementation, and tracking required for continued success. Long-term campaigns can generate millions of impressions and reach new customers. This means the engagement lives on, and so does the ROI.

With Sprinklr’s access to, and refinement of, Twitter’s data, Lenovo was able to achieve higher engagement rates more cost effectively— even during one of the busiest advertising periods for technology companies.



Drive better marketing campaigns


With a goal to drive brand awareness and user engagement at the International Consumer Electronics Show, Lenovo needed a way to break through the noise in a meaningful way. With Sprinklr, one of Twitter’s Official partners, they were able to access two years of historical data, allowing them to target and connect with a highly tailored audience at the event. As a result, they drove 6.5x higher engagement rates with 44% of those engagements made up from real-time targeting and decreased cost per engagement by 73%.


One of Co-op’s most successful long-term campaigns is the #ReverseAdvent campaign, where participants were invited to fill a box with items for those in need each day leading up to Christmas. Co-op teamed up with Brandwatch, a Twitter Official Partner, to identify the key players in the conversation and involve them when they started to activate their own campaign. Co-op engaged with participants throughout the campaign. They earned 75 million impressions and 278 smiley emojis. A year later, the campaign continues to live on through the team’s use of Brandwatch Image Insights where they still see #ReverseAdvent boxes in the background of photos.

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