Why Twitter Data?

Twitter is the largest publicly available, searchable archive of human thought that has ever existed.


available types of information in every Tweet


data elements in every Tweet that can be accessed via the Enterprise API

Details that can be available in a Tweet:
  • User name
  • Follower/following count
  • Location
  • Account description
  • Verification status
  • Account create date & time
  • URLs
  • Tweet text
  • Tweet create date & time
Public conversations and social mentions in real-time

Your customers are sharing their opinions on your brand and their competitors loudly and openly with the world.

Conversational and authentic

Tweets are, quite literally, the “Voice of the Customer.” Gain Twitter audience insights to deliver better products and services tailored exactly to what your audience wants. 

A wealth of information at your fingerprints

With years of consumer behavior, preferences, and consideration available, Twitter is like your brand’s own personal data trove.   

Results when brands build with the customer in mind

The sentiment among KFC customers on Twitter was clear: KFC’s french fries were missing the mark. They took the negative customer feedback to their R&D department. Putting the negative Tweets front and center, they used paid Twitter advertising and OOH ads to promote them and create buzz about their upcoming improved french fry roll-out. It worked.


engagements online


increase in brand mentions over the last year

Let us help you get started

With Twitter data, you have enormous flexibility to improve your social approach to your customers, providing you new opportunities to increase customer loyalty and grow business revenue.

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