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Financial organizations utilize Twitter's enterprise API platform to better understand market conditions - resulting in increased awareness of trends, news, and sentiment. With access to both real-time and historical data products, investors, and analysis.

Our customers have told us that Twitter helps them uncover early trends, breaking news, and sentiment shifts, which may be indicative of changing market conditions.

Ben Macdonald, Global Head of Product, Bloomberg

Sentiment, volatility, and trading signals

Understand trends and events as they unfold.

  • Integrate real-time Twitter data directly into investment workflows
  • Measure sentiment and trading signals
  • Capture global, real-time sentiment

Content curation and event detection

Use analytics to detect events likely to move financial markets.

  • Build tools to uncover important events
  • Track consumer behavior
  • Stay up-to-date on breaking news

Investor relations

Keep financial experts and stakeholders in the know.

  • Applying analytis to detect events likely to move financial markets
  • Monitor sentiment
  • Track key announcements
  • Gain invaluable financial insights
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Embedded Value in Bloomberg News & Social Sentiment Data

Trend Detection in Social Data

Explore the tools that make this possible

Realtime APIs

Make data-driven decisions in real-time.

Historical APIs

Access to the entire corpus of historical Tweets.

Engagement APIs

Track aggregate Tweet engagement performance.

Account Activity API

Build unique engagement experiences.

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