Customer experience

Build meaningful connections with your customers

Companies can create meaningful, conversational customer experiences using the enterprise API platform.

Twitter helps us keep our guests [customers] at the center of everything we do - which is essential to our mission.

Merete Wells, Director, Emerging Digital Media Strategy & Partnerships

Create conversational experiences

Create the connection required to resolve complex issues by building tools to listen and respond.

  • Review real-time analytics of customers
  • Manage customer feedback cost-effectively
  • Monitor multiple customer touchpoints

Reputation management

Monitor the conversation around your brand, products, and competitors

  • React quickly to customer problems
  • Track effectiveness of your customer service
  • Understand the market landscape by monitoring competitive messages

Voice of the customer

Leverage the online conversation to go beyond surveys and listen for solicited and unsolicited feedback.

  • Identify new questions about your audience
  • See where customers share about your brand
  • Monitor all points of the customer journey

Explore the tools that make this possible

Realtime APIs

Make data-driven decisions in real-time.

Historical APIs

Access to the entire corpus of historical Tweets.

Engagement APIs

Track aggregate Tweet engagement performance.

Account Activity API

Build unique engagement experiences.

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